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FREE NAP (with purchase of acupuncture treatment)!

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Come on in and check out the latest trend in a thousands-year-old medical treatment - recliners!   That's right, acupuncture in a recliner!  What could be more relaxing, and who deserves it more than you?

  • Somewhere deep in your genetic code, in each and every cell of your body, you remember how it felt to feel GOOD!  Your body is always trying to move you back to that great feeling.
  • But the distraction of pain can keep your body from remembering how to be well.  It's too busy saying "ouch"!
  • Strangely, a few carefully placed, hair-thin needles can help relieve your pain long enough for your body to get to work on the healing process.  Thousands and thousands of people can tell you it worked for them.  And it should work for you, too.
  • Summerville Community Acupuncture's primary mission is to help your body do what comes naturally - to feel better.
  • Okay, yes, we do use needles.  And maybe you think you're afraid of needles.  But seriously?  For a chance at feeling GOOD again, you might at least give it a try!
  • Pay what you can afford between $15-$35, no questions asked.
  • So, that takes care of most of your reasons for putting it off.  We're here, in your town, it works, it's comfy, and it's affordable.  What are you waiting for?  Come on in, we're here to help you!
Stop Smoking for $25.00 inclusive of treatment for four days in a row, and one followup in the next week.
Make up your mind and make your appointment!

*************PTSD Treatments for Veterans only $5 all the time.  No appointment necessary, come on in!*************



We're at 127 S. Main St.
(Alt U.S. Hwy 17), in
Historic Downtown Summerville,
next to Eva's Restaurant.

  • Sun/Mon         closed
  • Tue-Fri          9-6
  • Sat               9-1
    PHONE 843.810.1225

     last updated December 19, 2012

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Free Nap With Acupuncture Treatment!